May 29, 2023
Child Protection Policy and Information

Current Child Protection Policy

 ANYONE  who coaches, volunteers or any person who has contact in any capacity with the children of St. James needs to meet the following Archdiocese requirements and be approved before you can begin coaching, volunteering, etc.

Requirements for Volunteering are:  1) that you register for "SAFEPARISH".  If you did not have a Virtus account then you will need to complete the three hour on-line training, Protecting God's Children Workshop and 2) that you have a background check ( through your SAFEPARISH account - cost is $25.00. (see instructions below). This is a one time requirement. You will not have to do it again no matter if you add or change locations, i.e. move or volunteer in a different parish, when a child enters high school etc.  All you would need to do is to add or change your locations in your SAFEPARISH account. 

Contact your Safe Enviornment Coordinator for more information or if you have any questions at



IMPORTANT SAFEPARISH Requirements per the Archdiocese:


Instead of bulletins, we will have  7- 10 minute videosto 7- 10 minute videos to watch and a few questions to answer. The 1st quarter training bulletin will be published in both English and Spanish by the end of this week. If you are behind on any videos you will automatically be made inactive by SafeParish. You will not be locked out of your account, and will be able to get in at anytime to get caught up. However if SafeParish makes you inactive you will not be permitted to work or volunteer with children. IF YOU ARE 6 VIDEOS BEHIND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE THREE HOUR ON-LINE TRAING TO BE MADE ACTIVE AGAIN. 

 The "SAFEPARISH" link to register can be found below: