November 26, 2022
News & Events

St. James LIFE Ministry (Life is For Everyone)

Lights for Life - are a tradition here at St. James during the Advent season, which goes back over a decade. When you purchase a luminary, you are actually sponsoring a light to bring attention to the fact that all life is precious. The lumanaries will be lit on the afternoon of November 26, so when you walk out of the evening Mass, you will see the lights over all the parish property reminding all of us of the beauty of life! The lumanaries will stay lit for most of the evening hours, so that our whole community can enjoy them and be encouraged to support life. 


The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - December 8, 2022

Mass Schedule for Family of Parishes

St. James                        St. Ann                           St. Bernard                  St. Margaret Mary

12/8 - 8:30 am               12/7 - 7:00 pm                12/7 - 5:30 pm               12/8 - 12:00 Noon

12/8 - 7:00 pm             12/8 - 10:30 am               12/8 - 8:35 am