January 27, 2015
Pastoral Council

Advises the Pastor on the pastoral needs of the parish.  They help articulate a vision for ministry, assess pastoral priorities and recommend concrete actions to meet the spiritual needs of the parishioners.  It serves as a channel of communication among the total Parish community. The members are selected by a discernment process in the spring for a three year term.  Contact: Chairperson, Barry Bruns (385-8108) or Vice Chairperson, Beth Gideon (385-9694). 

2014-2015 Pastoral Council Roster.pdf

Pastoral Council Guidelines 2010

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes February 20, 2013

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes May 15, 2013

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes January 8, 2014

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes March 12, 2014   Documents from March Meeting

Finance Council

Advises the Pastor regarding the financial implications of policy decisions and helps establish financial stability for the parish. The Commission members are appointed by the Pastor. The Council works closely with the Business Manager. Contact : Tom Sohngen, Finance Chair (923-1912). 

Financial Review July 2013.pdf

Financial Statement July 2013.pdf

Operating Budget 2013-14.pdf